Cascadance is a leadership development firm providing innovative executive coaching and culture transformation services to Fortune 500 organizations and high potential technology start-ups.

Leveraging neuroscience, we bring business practices into alignment with human biology to catalyze productivity, innovation and collaboration. We are passionate about creating healthy, resilient and generative 21st Century workplaces.

Aligning Business and Biology for Organizational Excellence

At Cascadance, we:

  • Work with leaders to build productive, innovative and collaborative organizations
  • Engage our clients in intelligent, insightful and disruptive conversations
  • Create moods of engagement and possibility
  • Illuminate how biology informs who we are, what we do and the results we get
  • Identify key leverage points where behavior and culture change will cause cascading positive effects throughout the system
  • Help top-level leaders understand the impact they are having on their organization through their behavior and the culture they have consciously or unconsciously fostered
  • Offer concrete steps for personal and organizational evolution, enabling organizations to work with biology rather than fight it

Our Clients

Our target clients are high-level executives, leaders and teams. They are brilliant minds, cultural creatives, positive disrupters and innovative thinkers who value both the bottom line and ethical leadership. Learn more about our clients, past and present.

Our Services