Whether you’d like to improve discrete skills or reframe how you run your entire organization, Cascadance supports organizational excellence with a variety of services.

What We Offer

Inclusive Culture

  • For leaders and organizations who want to embrace and leverage the power of diversity through building a vibrant culture of inclusion and learning.
  • For people curious about how unconscious drivers of human behavior contribute to underrepresentation of women and minorities in their industry…and what they can do about it.

Leadership Coaching

  • For high level executives and leaders, to hone their existing leadership skills and learn new approaches for increased effectiveness in today’s rapidly changing business climate.
  • For high potential emerging leaders, to accelerate their learning curve and enable them to face the challenges of higher positions quickly.

Team Development

  • For teams who want higher levels of productivity, innovation, collaboration and trust.


  • For introducing larger groups to groundbreaking new thinking about the biological basis of organizational effectiveness.

No matter the program, we adhere to a few basic premises

  • We base our work on human biology. Our ability to harness our biological drives and leverage our executive brain functions underlies the success or failure of any endeavor.
  • We do not ascribe to any single business or behavioral model, but we are versed in a wide spectrum of approaches and able to apply the one that best fits your situation.
  • We spend time at your organization observing real work in progress and customize to your business and individual needs.
  • We structure both our individual and group approaches to make sure learning translates to results. Conceptual learning is easy. What matters is your ability to practice what you’ve learned consistently.
  • We bring a systems perspective. Behavior doesn’t happen in isolation. We help you discern the often hidden internal, interpersonal, and organizational dynamics that drive the success or failure of your personal and organizational efforts.