Cascadance presentations leave audiences feeling inspired, intrigued, and convinced there is a better way to produce great work.

A polished public speaker, Janet Crawford has presented extensively on neuroscience-informed leadership and its relevance for generating corporate cultures equipped to adeptly respond to modern business challenges. Known for her engaging style, she possesses a rare ability to translate complex scientific ideas into accessible, thought-provoking and immediately useful practices.

Janet Crawford’s Keynotes are…

  • Universally relevant. Everyone wants to know why people do what they do.
  • New and different. Guaranteed to provoke new insight and keep people awake.
  • Not a fad. Our basic biology hasn’t changed much in the last 10,000 years.
  • Customized to the needs of your organization or group.
  • The ideal way to quickly introduce large numbers of people to brain-based leadership.

Partial List of Topics

  • The Neuroscience of Diversity
    Left to its own devices, our brain biology often drives us to form workplaces filled with tribes of like-minded and remarkably similar people. Conversely we’re also biologically programmed to seek novelty and to connect across difference. New perspectives generate innovation and sustainable adaptation, while the organizational capacity to gracefully navigate across multiple viewpoints correlates with significantly higher metrics of business success. Learn the secrets to leveraging the best of our natural biological drive for connection and curiosity, while mediating the often unconscious tendency to stereotype, marginalize and exclude those who are different.
  • The Surprising Neuroscience of Gender Inequity
    When it comes to the tech industry and gender, intolerance and under-representation are daily news items. Yet despite the glaring ugliness of scandals like Gamergate, the prime culprit in gender inequity is likely not overt sexism. Implicit bias, a normal byproduct of our neural design, leads well-intentioned men and women to reinforce the status quo, while constricting creativity and limiting strategic vision. This talk explores the biological basis of bias and the responsibility we all hold in changing the story.
  • What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us to the Future
    A fascinating look at how human ingenuity has changed how we live through history. Discover the role automatic programming and instinct play in human behavior, how the environments we’ve created don’t always bring out the best of our biology, and what you can do about it.
  • The Brain-Friendly Organization
    An engaging tour of the human brain, meant to provoke and incite curiosity. How can we consciously create business cultures and leadership behaviors to maximize the brain functions we want more of and avoid the behaviors we don’t?
  • Using Your Brain For Change
    An introduction to the neuroscience of behavior change. Why do some efforts to change stick, while others, despite our best intentions, fail? As a leader, what can you do to ensure that shift happens?
  • Emotions, Engagement and the Bottom Line
    What are emotions and what function do they serve? Leaders often say they’d like to get emotions out of the picture, but the reality is that emotions play a key role in every aspect of business life. Learn how to manage emotions better and produce the emotional climates that make good work possible.
  • Coaching on the Brain
    Does your leadership know how to coach? How to provoke deep learning and empower employees to think for themselves? This keynote combines basic neuroscience principles with the fundamentals of effective coaching for powerful results.
  • The Entrepreneurial Brain
    What allows people to ask a new question? To see the world from a fresh perspective? Learn how innovative thought occurs at a brain level and what you can do to set up environments that foster it.

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