Team Development

Team Development

Cascadance offers a variety of customized team learning programs, ranging from off-sites and stand-alone workshops to long-term development of high performing teams.

People learn best in context, doing real work with the people with whom they share daily goals and challenges. When groups have shared skills and attitudes, great work happens.

Change is a process, not an event.

Excellence requires commitment to new attitudes, conversations and behaviors. Team learning programs provide the content, skills, practice, and focus essential for lasting change.

Why Cascadance?

Based in biology

  • We provide a hard science foundation for the soft skills we teach.
  • Participants understand the underlying necessity to master new skills, reframing “nice to have” skills as essentials.

Customized for the needs of your group

  • Efficient and paced for your work environment
  • Designed so that real work gets done while learning takes place
  • Learning activities based on real life scenarios drawn from careful, up front assessment

Delivered by highly skilled facilitators with

  • Substantial business experience
  • The flexibility to improvise in the moment and adapt to real-time group needs
  • The ability to handle complex group dynamics

Designed for optimal learning integration

  • Attention to adult learning styles: Lecture is kept to a minimum. Short interactive group activities deepen conceptual understanding and generate ideas for application.
  • Personalized action maps: Each participant targets specific personal challenges and leaves with concrete action steps for how to apply concepts to themselves and their group.
  • Group reinforcement: After learning events, we provide team practices to embed new skills into group culture.
  • Follow up: We check in to see how groups are doing and what needs have arisen.


  • Strategy and Shared Vision
  • Trust and Collaboration
  • Influence and Listening
  • Accountability and Execution
  • Time Management and Effective Meetings

Standard Elements of a Cascadance Team Development Program


  • Through conversations with key leaders, contributors and stakeholders, along with participation in organizational life, we highlight your group’s strengths and uncover the causes of its breakdowns.
  • Together we design a plan to address the unique needs of your group.

Learning Events

  • Highly customized, interactive, short workshops
  • Given at approximately one-month intervals to allow time for integration

Interim Practices

  • Implemented during the period between learning events
  • Designed to re-enforce and deepen the learning


  • Provided for selected leaders and key contributors
  • Designed to help leaders hold focus on desired changes

Participation in Organizational Life

  • We spend select days at your office, being the proverbial “fly on the wall,” attending meetings, observing the work, and providing on the spot coaching, consulting, and training.

Follow up and Reinforcement

  • We leave behind ongoing practices for key team members and leaders.
  • We teach you how to reinforce learning in your meetings and conversations.
  • We follow up to determine program effectiveness and next steps.