“Janet is forthright and honest regardless of the situation, making her the ideal coach for companies that have the guts to really look at the issues, no matter how painful, and then take measures to effect real and lasting change. Janet doesn’t prescribe to one set way of working. She combines aspects of multiple methodologies and then applies them to the needs of the individual or team. The changes I made have taken my leadership abilities to the next level.

Janet worked with my management team on a customer service improvement project which involved reaching out to key customers. Janet prepared my team for soliciting customer feedback, teaching us how to read body language, facial expressions, choice of words and other kinds of signaling, which resulted in our obtaining a rich body of knowledge. The resulting feedback sessions were excellent and the information we received enabled us to increase our customer satisfaction and performance significantly.”

Debra Feder
Director, Analytical Chemistry, Abbott Vascular

“I think like an engineer and like to understand the science behind the technique.  Janet’s knowledge of neuroscience and her ability to explain how it affects human behavior was particularly helpful.  Her scientific background enabled us to speak the same language. Her expertise goes far beyond someone who has read books and taken a few courses. She is operating at a high level of knowledge, offering a deep quality of material and experience.

In my years of leadership experience, I have seen how management styles have changed and need to continue to change. Using neuroscience as a framework, Janet gave me a new perspective on the causes of people’s reactions. Knowing how the brain works under stress has been extremely useful.  The knowledge Janet imparted about the biological basis of human behavior lead me to want to create a more collaborative environment.

Janet raised my awareness of my communication patterns. This helped me discover some habits I was not aware which resulted in my communication being clearer and stronger.   She also taught me how to notice non-verbal cues in others which I had not previously been aware of.

I had a good experience working with Janet and would gladly work together with her again. It’s a skill to be able to tell a person how to do something better without offending them. Janet does that quite well.”

EC Sykes
President, Leading Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider

“Janet Crawford gets results. She doesn’t have one single response that she applies to every issue, but rather brings a holistic approach to the table that takes into consideration the individuals, their organizational dynamics, and their environment – all of the variables at hand – to come up with THE solution. The improvements in performance achieved by individuals equated to higher quantity and quality of communication and trust. We came out of the process with a much stronger team. We got everything we hoped for and more.”

Tom Kelly
Formerly: Vice President, NetApp University, Network Appliance
Formerly: Vice President, Internet Learning Solutions Group, Cisco Systems

“Janet’s ability to listen and provide practical solutions to real world challenges with insight, intelligence and good humor smoothed the way for effective and efficient change. Working with Janet resulted in improved communication, greater ability to prioritize and make decisions and ultimately left us with a more participatory management environment.

Janet has a keen understanding of what motivates and inhibits individuals from achieving goals. Using neuroscience as the organizing principle for her work was highly valuable. It allowed for generative insights that wouldn’t have been possible from someone coming in from a business school and employing a fixed methodology. I personally gained the ability to recognize group dynamics and the positive and negative influences that individuals can have on a group.”

Mitch Gelman
Vice President, Special Projects, Clarity Digital Media – Examiner.com
Formerly: Chief Operating Officer, THX, Ltd.

“Working with Janet has given me visibility into different types of management and supervisory styles. It’s clear to me now that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. The tools she’s given me were specific to my needs and have enabled me to be more effective.

Janet’s integration of neuroscience into her coaching work was interesting and instructive. The idea that even in our modern world, our behaviors and reactions are shaped by a prolonged biological evolution was an important realization for me… It gave me a new level of acceptance for people which has definitely improved my ability as a leader.

My experience with Janet has proven to me that coaching is an asset, essential to developing individuals who are either in or aspire to be in positions of high responsibility. It’s odd that coaching isn’t more common in business. In highly competitive sports, coaching is a given. There is hardly an elite or aspiring elite athlete anywhere who doesn’t value coaching and require it to get to a higher level. I wish I’d known this existed 15 years ago.

I would welcome the chance to work with Janet again. She’d be my first choice to coach any individual that I or the company wanted to raise to another level.”

Jeff Lievense
Senior Vice President, Process Development & Manufacturing, Amyris Technologies

Janet goes beyond the immediate need and gets to the core issue, leaving behind tools that are applicable across a person’s entire career. I still go back to the skills I learned and use them to effectively adjust my behavior around adversarial issues.

Janet’s use of brain science…facilitated our understanding of culture and physiology and how they impact behavior in business. The ideas left a lasting impression, helping us not only to deal more effectively with each other, but with our individual teams as well.”

My-Lien Bui
Director of Quality, SciClone
Formerly: Director of Commercial Quality Operations, Scios, Inc.

“Janet is one of the first executive coaches in the world, as far as I know, to take the science of the brain and relate it to development of start-up executives. In an industry that can be viewed as ‘new-age,’ Janet grounds her work in the latest scientific research, and her pedigree backs up her offer. This makes her particularly good at working with scientific and/or engineering types who tend to be highly skeptical. She is able to bring ‘warm and fuzzy’ to the table and ground it empirically.

We work with technical companies, helping inventors turn inventions into businesses. In my experience, start-up teams almost always fail because people can’t get along…Janet could be instrumental in helping company founders and their management teams communicate and remain in sync. In the rollercoaster ride of a start-up environment, Janet would be a great guide.”

Victor Hwang
Managing Director, T2 Venture Capital

“Janet delivers her knowledge of neuroscience in an extremely practical and approachable way. Every time I get the opportunity to listen to Janet, I go away having learned something valuable.”

Dana Whitaker
Principal, Opening Eyes, LLC and Board Member, Women’s Initiative

“Janet’s engaging, smart and fun style of presentation made learning from her a delight. Her mastery of the complex domain of neuroscience is evident; she makes it easily accessible and immediately practical to her audience. Because she can speak so eloquently and comfortably on this topic, her presentations are suited to the most intellectual audiences as well as the most pragmatic. Who knew brain science could be so much fun!?”

Donna Fowler
Principal and Owner at MIndWalk Consulting LLC
Past President, Professional Coaches, Mentors and Advisors
Brain Science of Coaching, Learning Lab Participant