An ever-changing compilation of brain-friendly, ground-breaking, and intriguing information.

Like all living organisms, the Cascadance Resources section is designed to evolve. Here you will find a growing array of articles, conversations, research and other information that has been either created or selected to educate and inform. We hope to stimulate your curiosity and help translate the growing body of neuroscience research and other complementary disciplines into effective leadership and organizational development practices.

Diversity & Inclusion Top Picks

How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time. – Baratunde Thurston


A collection of Articles by Janet Crawford, the Cascadance team, and our collaborators on the intersection of biology and business.


Our Video section houses a collection of interviews and talks with Janet Crawford.


Our Audio section houses a collection of interviews and conversations with Janet Crawford.


These Books are our top picks in the areas of neuroscience, biology, change, philosophy, leadership and business.

The Brain-Friendly Leader Blog

The Brain-Friendly Leader Blog explores insights into how our brain and biology produce thoughts, feelings and actions, and ties them to real-life scenarios relevant to anyone working in the business world today.

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