21st Century enterprises are leaving vast fields of human potential untapped. Tweaking the status quo isn’t the answer.

In sharp contrast to the modern world’s ever-accelerating pace of change, human biological design is the result of millions of years of gradual evolution. The Stone Age ended a mere 10,000 years ago, the evolutionary equivalent of an eye blink. Basic human biology has changed very little since.

An Elegant, Complex Design

Our brain design is elegantly proficient at automatically producing behaviors well suited to prehistoric tribal life on the African Savannah. Unfortunately, these same unconscious algorithms often spell trouble for life in the 21st Century. As much as we prize intellect, it is a scarce neural commodity compared to our vast default wiring. We can override automatic responses through a combination of willpower and conscious reasoning, but to do so requires high levels of awareness and unnecessarily exhausts these precious resources. We find ourselves perplexed by our inability to move through the day with focus, calm, clarity and purpose.

Exploring Biological Design: Making the Invisible Visible

At Cascadance, we make the invisible visible through exploring the biological design that drives our responses and decisions, conscious and unconscious. We enable leaders and organizations to stop fighting biology and to start leveraging its potential.

We are experts at identifying the key changes in leadership behavior and corporate culture that lead to cascading positive movement throughout organizations. By combining cutting-edge neuroscience research with a broad array of skills, tools and practices, we translate insight into results.

We do not ascribe to any one set model. Each organization and client faces unique challenges. Using biology as a frame for understanding organizational life, we help leaders discern the underlying drivers of effectiveness and develop the awareness and behavioral abilities to produce excellence.

The result is leaders and organizations primed for productivity, innovation and collaboration in the 21st Century.

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