A collection of talks and interviews with Janet Crawford

Audio Links

  • 12.2017

    The Amiel Show

    Interview with Janet Crawford on Biology of Power & Sexual Harassment

    Janet and Amiel discuss sexual harassment as an expression of high and low power tactics rooted in human biology. Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and experimental psychology and her own professional and personal experience, Janet brings to light many subtle dynamics overlooked in the public debate about this charged topic.

  • 02.2017

    Mariposa Leadership, Inc.

    Wise Talk with Sue Bethanis

    Mariposa Leadership hosts Janet in a discussion on the biological basis of fear: what it is at a brain level, how leaders can respond mindfully, and how we can keep our brains healthy in stressful and uncertain times.

  • 10.2016

    The Amiel Show

    Interview with Janet Crawford on Being A Good Guy and Breaking With The Bro Code With Janet Crawford

    Are you a man who wants to support women and under-represented minorities in your organization? It’s not enough to track numbers and avoid discrimination. There are positive steps you can take that go well beyond avoiding harm. Some won’t pose risks for your public identity or career. Others require breaking from the Bro Code.

  • 10.2014

    Awaken your Leadership Power

    Interview with Debbi Lewis

    Janet and Debbi Lewis explore what we can learn from neuroscience about building emotional intelligence, managing your focus and energy, and creating innovative cultures.

  • 10.2014

    The Amiel Show

    Interview with Janet Crawford on Why Neuroscience Matters in Leading Organizations

    Janet and Amiel Handelsman explore the extent to which human behavior is unconscious, emotional literacy, the importance of healthy prefrontal cortices to organizational performance, and much more! Correction: The reference to “galvanic skin response” in stereotype threat research should be “cardiovascular reactivity.”

  • 05.2014

    Syntax for Change

    Cultivating Change TeleSummit with Lucy Freedman

    Janet explores the depth of the gender inequity issue and discusses how unconscious bias, a natural artifact of our brain’s fundamental design, may be largely responsible for the slow pace of change.

  • 07.2008

    Integral Leadership & Coaching/Mobius Executive Leadership

    Conversations with Masters with Charles Feltman

    In this Conversations with Masters interview, Janet Crawford discusses how understanding the human brain can illuminate how people change, learn and develop, both personally and professionally, giving special emphasis on how basic knowledge about the brain can help coaches in their work with leaders. She qualifies the difference between what is proven by science vs. hypotheses and extrapolations resulting from research findings.

  • 07.2007

    Mariposa Leadership, Inc.

    Wise Talk with Sue Bethanis

    Janet addresses the role of leaders in the development of brain-friendly environments which result in focused attention, agility, and strategically intelligent work places.